Sunday, October 03, 2010

if Kate was a tree...

she'd be an aspen in a grove of pine in the mountains.

...because then she can smell the fresh beautiful air and have colourful leaves like this...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kate has a TumbL!

K: Hello, friends. I made a tumblr webpage, because I like taking photos from places, and feel as if I want to share all good things. its kind of like a back-up of a back-up in case my Macbook is thrown into a fire abyss of doom and I can't re-locate anything.

naked on horseback tumblr

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

'hey!' for the day!

Nick and Kate say, HEY!
Hope you all in cyberspace are having a great day.
dance attire


hey its almost autumn, that's great.

blue essentials in everyone's closet

clothes that belong to Kate

clothes that belong to Nick

costume ideas for your dog.

because my dog needs something to wear with his sad eyes.

Friday, August 20, 2010

bon anniversaire

one year. lovely lovely love

cheers to the second. xo.

good places

Hostel, Montreal, Sept 2009
One day soon, I'd like to go back to this caravan village in Old Montreal. So great.
not Montreal, but still....
I would like to drink wine on a river, again. Because that's what the French do. So do I.
in Montreal, another time..
Nick can read newspapers out loud whilst in the midst of a cup o' joe beverage.

Yes, Montreal is grand.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


when nick and I eventually go on a roadtrip, this will be home.
this is a really powerful being
this is how i like to daydream
i wish i thought of this
i choose this
nick likes this guy
this is really great. really.
if nick ever got a tattoo, it would probably be this.

to tumb-L, or not to tumble.

for the love of all things popular culture.

to love a good rainbow.

for all lovers of the colour spectrum.

degree, check.

K: i can now say, with confidence, that i am a Master of Art: Photographic Preservation and Collections Management.
Thesis, complete. handed in. readers, happy. application for graduation? sent.
I am done kids. the end has come. I have stepped through the doors of academia, for the last time. i am not nostalgic at all, i checked out mentally two years ago, post-Guelph. there could be nothing better than that.

I do not expect to get my dream job anytime soon (the joys of being in the humanities). instead, i will build on being a better creator of art, and see where the universe takes me. hopefully back to Holland.
Thats it, kids. apologies for being self-righteous in this post. i think that reaching this life-milestone has earned me the right to do so.
This is the end, from now on i will only post images of kittens.

Monday, July 26, 2010

tales from the brownbook.

K: i haven't written in my token journal in awhile, i have no new thoughts except for dissertation editing and nostalgia for yesteryear.
so instead, i end the night with an entry from brownbook.
only words: we did not win the film contest.

"Shilioh Pressly: 4th cousin
not directly related but still of the bloodline.
Kabbalah - because Madonna does it. --> through DNA --> Pressley --> I'm the heir to the checkers convenience store chain.

-->what's your favourite food? - chocolate dipped sourkeys...
-that's alot of sugar
"that's my 2nd favourite food!"
Ideas for the future? "where do you see yourself in 10 years, shiloh?
- well......we'll be the most successful rockband of all time.
And what if that doesn't happen?
- ...........................what do you mean......

on the couch
-->diseased: "the blood wants to leave my body, but the doctor said take this pill, and it won't leave my body"
So you're an actress?
"yea. but directors don't wanna take a chance on me because of my condition. i can't travel anymore"
why's that?
"because i got caught stealing blood from donor clinics"
how long has this been an issue?
"since forever" -- allergic to own blood (Chris give me a pot of flowers)
what blood type are you?
"O negative. I had 40 kg in my possession when the cops found out.

Clown in kitchen, somebody crying in corner.

"My name is Ed Thomas.
- opening sequence, eating, I reach over and the cutlery drops to the floor
- Chris give me the flowers and theyre knocked over.
"Did you do that?"
"you made a on our behalf to CAMH" - SIck Kids Looking to the Future

what's your fav movie?
"Erin Brokovich."
why's that?
"she's really powerful & she really overcomes"
what's your favourite food?

"Shiloh Pressley. heiress to the Pressley estate and daughter to Lisa Marie Presley Jackson Cage. an unknown mental .....unfortunately for Shiloh, her life was predestined for failure, where intense public interest meant a reality show for shiloh presley. Doctors would further use this film as evidence in shiloh's emancipation."

THIS SCRIPT was an achievement, the film went on to win Best-in-Show, but lost against a group of child filmmakers.


K: to segue from the european illusionary experience, an american tale. set in new york city. at two galleries where great individuals live.

always have, always will. je t'aime, Boccioni.
when you look at your freshly taken DLSR RAW-file, remember it is nothing but what this man has created. the pixel.
still unimpressive. but appreciate mad-men like yourself.


first visit with The Man, forever a spectacular admiration.
english art is not favourit-ed in my bookmarks. but Tate Mod gets a gold star. so does the colour-field room. i get it now Potvin, i get it.

walkabout to italian aesthetics #2

K: i loved being young and naive. because back then i felt something incredulous toward the first sight of art, and being a part of "it". philosophy will teach you of the sublime, art history will teach you of art-viewer connectivity. whatever you call it, nothing will beat being 14 or 15 and realizing at an exact moment what life will be about, art. or maybe you were on drugs and drunk at 15. i however, do not remember much from being that age. i am nearing 26, and i feel 80 years old with fading memories. maybe an exaggeration, but sometimes feels like truth. i do however, remember that exact moment in italy when i felt a surge of emotion and depth i had never known up to that point, at 14, and it was ironically at the was at that moment hearing a dull speaker discuss art conservation of the Vatican frescos when i realized that i wanted to devote my life to save art, or be a part of its preservation. long story, put short. instead i give you images.

when painting is realized to be more than just canvas. much more.

the exact moment when art became life. a rotating golden orb told me that. with the voice of an elderly art historian.
hello, gorgeous world.

memories of the scot-land.

lately i've been missing my trips to europe, few as they have been. but more specifically, circa two years ago. more specifically, that week i spent alone in scotland.
i've decided to re-live that time, and any other time, that i've been inspired by the surroundings different to my own. more specifically, the times that have influenced me as a creator.
here is a series, using pictorial methods (the media, sans the hist-of-photo era), of those moments frozen in pixel form that will forever bring me back to that nano-second moment in my memory. more specifically.

numero uno. scotland, glasgow.

ladies and gentlemen, we are talking heads floating in space.
media wall installations. as made possible by Dali's doppelganger, Jr.
uni of glasgow. seriously.